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Because of love...

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Because of love...
Because of love...

I'm dying inside more and more every day
This passion is taking my breath away.
I cry, I scream, I lose my senses
with these deathly thoughts of you.
I can't control myself,
I do not own my own feelings
Can't switch off those emotions that ravage inside
and hurt my heart and soul.
I'm dying, I'm dying for the love I don't have,
and I will never have, your love.
I smile to hide this growing depression,
but underneath the mask I carry
my sense of joy vanishes too fast to handle.
My minds will is losing this damned battle against my hearts will.
I love you, I know that, and I don't have any doubts,
I wish it would be easy to accept my destiny and just move on,
but I live intensely every feeling and emotion,
the good and bad ones, sadness, joy, anger.
I cannot forget you easily, I wish I could.
I'm just a little child inside that feels alone and wants to be loved.
I wish you could love me the way I do love you.
You don't even imagine how much I want you in my life.
There's so much I wanted to share with you,
so many moments I insanely fantasize of us having.
I desire your kiss, your touch, the warmth of your body.
You own me, you manage now my fucking mind.
I sigh for you a million times a day,
you leave me shaking every time I see your face,
every time you pass by me.
There is only one way for this to end:
I need another love in my life.
If I don't find it, I will soon die,
I will die because of love.
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