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I was born in the year 1979, on top of Moóca in Sao Paulo. My parents lived in San Vicente, Sao Paulo coast. My brothers also lived in the same house; in all, five people made up my family.
My father was a big fan of the bands of "ROCK IN ROLL." This season He had a great Record collection. I was Born in the "CRADLE OF ROCK" and learned to Love this music style still in the womb of my dear mother. Over the years I was aware of other rock bands. Increasingly, my father bought new discs for listening at home, therefore, had a good stereo sound, and knew also build your own boxes amplified. Some discs were "strange", with drawings of "monster", "Bat", "women NUDE" and even "Devil." At home I always understand my father nervous, and sometimes fight with us without any reason.

In 1985 my parents moved to the city of Suzano, in the great Sao Paulo. My father, however, continued buying their favorite discs. From month in months He bought a new disc of rock, and I listened to them all. Trying to understand what the singers were in the music, I started studying English in my own home, using books, magazines, k7 tapes, videos etc ...
At 12 years of age I started to smoke, so I was losing the desire to study, and thus began to fail in school, as was being dominated by satanic influences of the "ROCK IN ROLL."

Came in the way of prostitution for 14 years, I smoked and drank beer with the "friends". In an attempt to live "free" and "peace" I walked to the bottom of the pit each day that passed. Profane the bed of my parents with a "girlfriend", I with 14 and she with 12 years of age.

We felt "adult" and very "responsible" far from our parents.
When completed 15 years I left the school, my mother was very saddened by this bad decision. At home I brigava daily with my mother and discussed with my brothers. Always said to my mother:

"I hate LIVE, I want to die, I did not ask to be born."

My mind wiping out at an accelerated pace, without which I could understand because there was no strength in me to think about the danger that surrounding me.

My brother was in love with electronic music, this style of music I also drew a lot, because there was a tendency electronic transmission to large Sao Paulo early in 1990, with several nightclubs geared for this musical genre brought from Europe by various DJ's and singers of dance music.

The electronic music is one of the strands of ROCK, many elements of "JAZZ" and the "Blues" are mixed in the "Dance", "TECHNO" and "HOUSE MUSIC."
There is plenty of "ROCK IN ROLL" in other musical styles, but it's ROCK in particular that I want to address here.

In 1997 I met a very controversial rock band, whose leader and Satan and also believe homosexuality. This band uses two names of personalities who made American history.

This group has a central figure:

"Marilyn Manson."

* Bryan Warner: Reverend of the CHURCH of Satan.

Marilyn Manson makes apology to Satan and the homosexual, his concerts are filled with allusions THE Nazism, anarchy, rebels, depravity, insult to the Christian faith, violence and drug use.

In 1994 Bryan Warner (Marilyn Manson) was devoted reverend of the Church of Satan "by" ANTON LA Vey "


In 1997 ANTON LA Vey died and Marilyn Manson took the post of Reverend of Satan.

Antichrist superstar

ANTICHRIST Superstar ... 3D1%26hl%3Dpt-BR%26sa%3DN

My life changed dramatically after having known this band of rock.
Then I started to disclose the name of this group of rock for all my "friends" and spent the floor with CD'se VIDEOS this band for all places where I spent.
I was hypnotized by the rock and did not understand.

I remember when we made some gathered at the home of one of our "friends"; there ouvíamos "rock" and talked about our future, about what we would be in subsequent years.

It was at night and we bought a bottle of wine for "A CELEBRATION" that "HAPPY HOUR". We started to drink and chat about various subjects. Some have not smoked, or had even experienced some type of drug, but a bad influence for me to experience and other times a cigarette.
Everything was very normal for us because we were blind and far from a reality conscious.

The music of Marilyn Manson were on our lips daily; conseguíamos not free ourselves from dirty and empty life, for more than lutássemos our effort was in vain. Burn several CDs of rock, however, this was unnecessary, because the fight was spiritual and we did not know.

Right place, my cousin told me he was feeling a great void in his soul, and then we were sinking more and more on alcohol and the rock, looking for a "peace" that seemed to be running away from us. Those were the worst days of our lives. To buy a magazine about rock, in the section of ads we read the following sentence:


It was an invitation to a young man who was looking for musicians to build their band of "TRASH METAL."
When you read that ad were surprised to hear that someone was able to worship Satan himself. How much spiritual blindness we had in those days!
Sometimes was shocked by the translation of music from rock to listen.

After those days I started to feel desire for suicide every night; thought that taking my own life I would be in peace, but it did not go for a big onslaught of the devil to destroy my life. I spent drawing pictures of demons in my room, painting scenes of lesbianism, Satanism.

I wrote letters of music content with morbid, sad and depressing. Hear voices calling me that I was alone at home or on the streets. Always came to my ears the rock songs we escutávamos.
Each day that passed I felt more empty inside, and thought only in SUICIDE. ... ica/influencia_musica.htm

I Burning repeatedly ROCK OF MY CDs, but nothing on and I bought OTHER AGAIN.

For me these discs were of rock as if it were my food, I felt a junkie, trapped by the rock.

In 1997 the singer "Marilyn Manson" released an album entitled diabolical:

Antichrist superstar = ANTICHRIST The SUPER STAR.

• I bought this CD - ALBUM AND LISTEN-The twenty-four hours a day.

THIS CD CONTAINS LETTERS TO SATAN discard the people in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, bringing SLAVERY SPIRITUAL, AND DESTRUCTION TO OUR LIVES curse.

But I was blind, with no affection for those who die on the cross to save us.

** There was IN LOVE ME, HATE AND ONLY lot of desire to die.


In television, the channel's "MTV-MUSIC TELEVISION" the daily rock and Satanism is spread freely to children and adolescents worldwide. Thus the devil winning the minds and hearts of those who are the future of the world. The "MTV" is a station that transmits a philosophy totally contrary to the will of Allah, destroy morale and spiritually and young children.

Already fully involved with the rock, looking to form a band to sing with the "friends", but nothing worked. After much time trying to be equal to the singers of rock, then began to plan the suicide.

I took a riot, drunk me daily, feel contempt for my own life. He was a slave of vices and the rock, trying to be happy; shackled by the satanic music.

I remember two "friends" who also loved the rock,

'Richard and Reginald. "

They had long hair and dresses in black when left to the "ballads."

They worship the "Gothic", voiced his bands you most like: "THE CURE", "THE CULT", "The Smiths", "OPERA MULT STEEL" etc ...

Tocavam in their homes, had a band of "ROCK INDUSTRIAL" and thus took his life. His favorite song lyrics were bleak, sad, depressive, with a view to the future.


Sometimes I meet with them to rehearse some songs, and spent several hours talking about rock in roll. Whenever I went to sleep put a CD of rock for me to hear during the night, but had horrible nightmares frequently.

My favorite song at bedtime was "Bloody KISS" "Bloody BEIJOS," the band: "The` NEGATIVE `TYPE."
A band of BLACK METAL with Gothic influences, too.

In disturbing dreams by madrugadas I track in another world.
SOMETIMES ESTAVA in caverns dark and desert land, sometimes was in high seas; drowned.

Always dreamed with "BEASTS" running after me to kill me, they were terrible visions while I slept.
For many years I lived tormented by these dreams and DEVIL NIGHTMARES

Made sure I went to sleep because of night. I felt that something had come into my mouth, did not know what it was, but I started to turn in bed trying to spit what they had entered into my mouth. It was this horrible experience. I tried to escape from that situation, but could not.

Suddenly my mouth began to pronounce words in a kind of "dialect" strange that I could not even understand what I was talking about. Entered into despair, began to scream, but nobody heard me.

I FELT my soul EXIT OF MY BODY AND FOLLOW DESCENDING a DARK DEEP CHASM NO END . ROCK looked over the walls and dark THIS abyss and there was no longer any doubt that I was entering the HELL.

While down this abyss of desperation wanting to go back to my room, in the distance I heard cries of desperation and pain.

I struggled to try to get back to my room, my bed, but could not. That was true, beyond a simple dream, was a revelation for me, because for me there was no fear of God, for this reason that I was going through:

"Valley of the shadow of death".

This was happening because I have thrown my life to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because I lived my life in drugs and prostitution, without me download the Lord Jesus who died on the cross to save me.

Was in a spiritual world, Suffered FOR MY rebels and the Lord Jesus.

While I agonize; A Man with nice wearing white glow appears to MIM Abyss Deep inside that DARK, not because there was no ray of light, everything was darkness and suffering.

By my side when I saw that man came up and holding my hand he told me:


At that moment I could feel a peace that never felt before anywhere. That man was the Lord Jesus! He took me to a gloomy place, and while caminhávamos realized that there were several holes and craters in the ground that abyss where pisávamos.

WHILE I was LEAVE OF SMOKE AND FIRE hole in the ground, there was a terrible stink-frog in that place.

I saw several figures coming out of those black holes and gaps are hiding in the rocky crater.

They were demons, I WAS ON THE HELL , and they were running away from that man in white robes who was holding in my hand. When we get to the other party, one man in white robes showed me where were men and women, all in chains and asking for help. At that hour I felt a great fear of that place and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

The screams were terrible from all over.

That scene was illuminated only with the red flames of fire that left holes in the ground.
I saw that some men trajavam clothes torn, shabby, as beggars and boozy in that place. I saw that many women were naked, others were with their breasts exposed, others were still with dirty clothes and broken.

It was horrible that scenario, and the bad smell was unbearable.
Some men looked at me and asked me some relief and women shout in great agony.

Today that man in white robes who was beside me told me:

"_LOOK YOUNG, NOT hold out his hand to help them, because they shackle and arrested THAT ARE HERE ARE PRISONERS IN THIS abyss, you can not release them, THEY COULD NEVER get out of here."

And he followed saying:

"_ALL These men and women lived THEIR LIVES IN THE LAND TO ITS " LUXURY AND SINS"And do not care about the salvation of their souls, therefore THEM IN THIS CHAINS AS you see. THEM OVER THEIR LIVES passengers do not reach the SALVATION, BEFORE, ALL THEY REJECTED ME disbelief and denying my name ...".

As I heard those words, I look at those people and felt a deep agony to see how awful it is the suffering of those who go to hell despised by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I saw that in that place had a gallery for each group of people.

On one side were the men who have not fulfilled the name of the Lord Jesus, there were "PASTORE, MISSIONARIES, Evangelia, presbyter, Father, Bishop and Deacon."

There was also a place reserved for "Killer, rape, ACTORS AND ARTISTS pornography, ARTISTS OF novels, kidnappings, TERRORIST, SUICIDE MAN, Assailant and traffickers."

Another wing was reserved for "witch, Satan, witchcraft, Magi, alquimia, Charming, Esoteric, astrologers, necrophilia, Guess, Magic, MEDIUMS, Espirito ...".

And others who have maintained relations with the OCCULTISM.

In the gallery of the women were "lesbians, prostitutes, call-girl," top models ", WOMEN Killer, Abortion and adults."

They all wail and despair.

Demons THE Tormented in every way; WITH beaten, WITH SEXUAL ABUSE, with the big words and insults OF ANY KIND, their punishment was generally in that place ...

There was a huge bronze gate, which was closed. Where we spent percebíamos the uprising of demons, moving from one hole to another in fraction of seconds. They was flying everywhere, always missing the presence of who was walking with me, whose appearance was like lightning.
Approaching us that huge gate that was locked, suddenly we were in front of a 'throne' in a dark color.
That there was no throne, nor to his side.

Everything was quiet at that hour, but did not see anyone else. That throne was the throne of Satan, there was his post, which relied to observe the suffering of souls acorrentadas with large chains of iron.

I noticed that there were no clouds and some Wind in that place, only darkness, fire, smoke, a dry climate and an unbearable heat. Facing this scenario I could contemplate such cruelty among the tears of Satan and his angels, I realized that...

"Hell is REAL."
"Hell is REAL."
"Hell is REAL."






I remember that I made some lying down to sleep after having smoked my last cigarette. I was browsing some pages of the Bible and soon felt a deep sleep.
I was disturbed and completely without direction in my life.

That night, I dreamed that I was inside a bar, I was on foot, normally there at the counter and drank a few doses of alcohol. That bar had only two people: the owner of the bar and me. I spoke a little of my life to that man that I listened carefully, however, could not do anything to help me.

Suddenly, at a glance, Move closer to U.S. MOUNTED A Man on a horse. YOUR HORSE TINEA LEG enormous; How the legs of a camel.

It was a black horse and totally weird. I saw when he stopped at the door of that bar, and its rider is leaning to see who was inside. At that point the owner of the bar realized that the strange gentleman called me out making gestures and signs with their hands.

And so, the owner of the bar acting very afraid I threw out that bar and closed the doors for me. I was paralyzed for a long time, standing on the outside of that bar, facing one rider who trajava a black robe and with his face wrapped in a hood. ON HIS back there was a BIG SHARP SICKLE.

I listened as he told me:


At that time I was totally without action. Then he continued to say:

"_I KNOW YOU SPEAK OF MY SONGS FOR YOUR FRIENDS... WHEN YOU TOOK MY RECORDS to listen with your friends, you were calling ME AND CLAIM ThAT´S WHY I came to YOU ...".

At that moment I asked him:


then he answered me:

"_I AM Marilyn Manson ...".

When he answered who he really was, I realized that at that time took his hand to the hood and discovered his face gaunt. Could then noted that Knight was being sent by the devil, to bring a message of hell for me.

Once called me to meet a "ORDER", if I negasse to obey it, I would be dead. That man had a picture cadaverous. His likeness was that of a corpse, and wanted to scare me. He was a singer of rock Satanic. That gentleman called me to fulfill a mission, whose goal was:


Was immediately brought to my presence a big black horse and a sharp sickle. In the same instant a deep hatred came into my heart turning me into a monster. Already out of me, I would not get controlled more, I remember I was furious from one place to another in the speed of light. That urban scene where there was a bar, I was taken to a large sandy desert and gloomy.
I remember that I said to him that he could not kill the Christians, then, I also had relatives Christians.

BUT, he yelled at KNIGHT GRAND WHATH And said:

"_NO!!! DON´T SPEAK IN NAME OF BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THEREFORE WE ARE WE hate Satan and Jesus And we will ultimately TO CHRISTIANITY IN THIS EARTH AND dominate the world ...".

Then set in that dark horse, already dressed in a BLACK COAT and holding a huge scythe in my hands, and dominated by a force supernatural, I STARTED TO RUNNING TO THE MEETING OF CHRISTIANS TO kill them.

I heard a noise like that of a large cavalry approaching from me. When I looked into the sides saw thousands of riders dressed all in black capes and with foices in his hands. There were some mountains in that ESCATHOLOGIC SCENES , down from where thousands of riders prepared for a bloody battle. They brought a Satanic symbol printed on his back, it was a hell upside-down, red.
All of them celebrate the name of "ADOLF HITLER". ... nson_-_Remix_&_Repent.jpg

And said that this war would be like the second world war. They down the mountains with flags in hands, all ready for the confrontation between


In such moments of terror I saw many Christians in desperation, running away from those knights to save their lives. Many women protect their children, many pastors with Bibles in their hands shout to the Lord Jesus asking for protection.

I remember that I started to kill the MANY MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN THAT WAR cruel.

I had no feeling for anyone around me, I was terribly possessed by demons he commanded my body and my mind, leading me to make those atrocities without mercy. Something that would never be in good conscience.

"This is the reason why there are so many cruel and barbaric crimes in our day, these crimes are organized by Satan, who came for:

"KILLING, theft and to overthrow mankind."

John 10:10

In those moments of real terror, I convulse in my bed, trying to wake anyway, but could not.

Much as I tried, my effort was futile. Even in that bloody war, I saw many people dead and thrown by floors, and others that were still dying with serious injuries by the body.

They asked for help, but soon their voices silenced in death. I could feel those moments of terror as the sky became gray, and all those knights suddenly disappeared. Even the leader of that killing disappeared without leaving traces.

After many attacks against these innocent Christians, I was alone. So I wanted to get away and I thought:

"Where will I?".


"How am I going ANSWER SO?"

"What am I gonna talk to God?"

"Woe to me, right I go to HELL"

All that run was finished, and I alone, there, on top of that horse thinking of escape that situation. With a sickle in his hand began to weep bitterly, thinking about the innocent lives that I had killed. And a great sense of guilt broke my heart.
I was desperate, frightened and quaking at that time.

Then I started screaming high; increasingly strong, I just wanted to get out of that horrible scene and morbid.
But something important was about to happen before my eyes. So I was making laps in that sandy desert, into whose sand was the blood of the faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

I was very bloody and beaten. I was completely abandoned, then went back to my normal state of consciousness, that legion of demons had disembodied from me.
So I could understand in detail the atrocities that I had committed, and a great fear of it gripped me.
In a given moment, everything was calm, a deep silence gripped this scenario is ridiculous.

I looked to my back, my right, my left, but most did not see anyone.
I noticed that the dead bodies were taken to another place, therefore, have been disappearing as a strong light crossed the skyline getting closer and came from my direction.
I was scared, I have noticed that I could not move, because that strong light shining ever more intensely.

When that became glaring light, realized that a man with long white robes walking in my direction.
Behold their looks angelic, sublime, as the target snow, but I could not see his face, it was like a flame of fire burning.
He approached me and, raising his hand to heaven, and told me with a soft voice:

"_hi Young! I know you" ...

Immediately I felt my legs stick on the horse I was mounted. I felt my body soften, but from the waist down I was paralyzed, lost the movements of my legs. My bloody scythe fell to the ground, I felt my lips colarem each other, and thus have no more mouth on my face.
Meanwhile I tried to justify myself in front of that man with beautiful white robes, filled with a different light of all the natural light that had already covered.

It was a glaring light, DIVINE, supernatural, CELESTE.

My body at that time entry into convulsions and a kind of 'TRANS' explain that I do not know. That man, whose face was a flame of fire told me:


Today I felt that my order had arrived. Continued to cry when he told me:


Today I felt my heart break up inside me, and a deep love for the word of God and the gospel was born in my soul, transforming my entire being.
I cried a lot while that man kept saying:

"_MUITO SOON I came back, AI OF IT IS DOING IS NOT PART OF my flock. NOW EU Clears all his transgressions and their sins And FORWARDING TE To nail WHICH ARE THE YOUNG arrested by ROCK, I love the SATAN. Go and preach my word WHY THE END IS NEAR. BUT, IF NOT SATISFIED ME, YOU WILL TO HELL WHERE died and the worms NOT FIRE IS NEVER Delete button.

MARK 9:44

After these visions I was scared and folded my knees handing down the steps to my Lord Jesus, for this revelation shook me a lot.
Some time later, I watched a video of a pastor who spoke of the love of Jesus, and also spoke about the dangers of subliminal messages in songs and cartoons on TV.
That pastor talked about the Satanism that is true today in many parts of the world, and I was struck with these messages and stories that I opened once and for all my eyes that had been sold by Satan.
I also heard the testimony of a young rock musician in Holland, who did not know your father was eighteen years, since his mother was a prostitute.
This young man wore a shirt that had a satanic message that said:

"I was born to GO TO HELL"

But he became the Lord Jesus, and took his shirt to rock and roll started in the garbage saying:

"I go to my house with no shirt, but with Jesus within my heart ...".

That young man decided to live next to Jesus, and after the trick of the devil, received Christ into your heart and went to his house without shirt, but happy! I'll never forget that only real witness of the Lord Jesus can perform! When Jesus is all honor and all glory forever, amen!

While writing this book, I feel a direct attack of darkness trying to silence me so that I do not write and publish this book for many young people read and surrendered their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ to receive and that young Dutchman, another life, next to Jesus!


Even today, to remind of my conversion to Christ and called to the ministry, my tears in my eyes water that attended the so diabolical perversity.
I thank the Lord Jesus for the opportunity to be sharing with you this testimony about my life in the underworld ROCK IN ROLL. Today I am a member of the flock of Christ that very soon we will live in the heavenly mansion.

I look forward to his return soon, even as he promised in his word saying:


"See! I am coming soon! How blessed is the person who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book!"


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