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Mixed Thoughts - Humanity, Where are you? (Inglês)

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It is so easy for you to talk since you're not living the situation.
For certain I'm not living the situation as well, but often do I put myself in other people's situations.
Back in 2013, I got the opportunity to visit Auschwitz's concentration camp and, as you can imagine, it would be filled of people,
throught the world,
with a very heavy environment since we realize how real all this massive killing was,
regarding the racism ideals.
What is actually important?
Think that to yourself.
I don't want to talk about numbers, as we are talking about human beings here.
And every single life of this people in despair are important.
Yes, there's the possability of having people from ISIS integrating in these refugees' scenario.
But instead of thinking directly "Just close the borders and let them die and solve their problems",
think about this situation:
It's your partner, your child, your mother, your father crying and trying to escape a scenario where only war and despair remains where they live.
They leave everything behind, they lost family members already, they don't have any resources whatsoever to fight back.
[Knowing that are so many poor people that they don't even get the chance of paying their passage to come here]
They only have the money to just escape this and, in this travel they do to escape,
they also know there's a big possibility of dying.
It takes great courage for an actual refugee to do this.
If this was one important person to you, considering there would be people with other evil and selfish interets in the boat, would you actually leave this person to die?
How cold can you be?
It is a human right to have peace.
War is wrong.
Obviously a big control has to be held in the borders, but that does not justify to close doors for those in need.
Another thing. Why don't do they get to the closest and richest countries? In so much of what I'm reading, some people did go there, but to get in those Golf countries is way more difficult, and these countries are being very ceptical when it comes to accept these people,
since they think they will all be from ISIS and for the fact that their human values are not as free as the european ones.
If you were in this situation, woulnd't you choose exacly the same?
Wouldn't you choose a land that people tell you that has freedom values? Democratic ones?
The fact that you talk about your countries' problems and how your governments (which includes you in the system) have to work on, I'll tell you:
How many manifestations have you been to to show your dislikings of your own goverment system?
What have you been doing, personally, to help those in need, in "your own" country?
Talking about emmigrants, do you have people in your family that are not living in "your" country?
It is better to help, at least, someone in need, than to complain about it and actually, do nothing.
Do you have friends, from other countries, living in "your" country?
Tell me, how many foreigns don't pay their taxes like you do, and since you love to talk about numbers, let's compare how many people, in the total of its "race", don't pay their own taxes in a single country. Don't tell me you would be shocked to know that there is evil inside the people of your own colour.
My beloved ones, it is not about a cultural and race thing.
It's about an individual's personality.
There will always be a neighbour, even in your color, that you won't be so glad to be around with.

Do not close the door to someone that suffered so much to get peace.
Do not include the children in this evil thought, as they have nothing to do with these conspiracies, being true or not.

Solution is to solve the problems in these countries in war, which is not only Syria, as you already know,
but meanwhile these people deserve a place to survive, as they don't have any resources.
All of this geographic separation it is just a burocratical social construction.
When it comes to humanity, there are no borders.
There should be no borders.

Don't forget that in our history, we didn't own anything, any land.
Our ancestors came from different places. From other parts of the world.
And everyone deserves peace, everyone deserves to be happy.
One thing is you moving out of a country because you want better quality of life.
Another is people that just want one shot to live.

Humanity, where are you?

~Bambi ∞

"Não é demonstração de saúde estar bem ajustado a uma sociedade profundamente doente." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Este texto foi escrito em inglês, uma vez que se trata da língua em que, praticamente, todos falam.

O vídeo colocado é proveniente do filme de Charles Chaplin "O Grande Ditador", de 1940. Este é o discurso final feito por um barbeiro judeu que foi confundido por Hynkel, o ditador. Um discurso que ainda tem sede passados 75 anos.
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 Re: Mixed Thoughts - Humanity, Where are you? (Inglês)
Antes de tudo, é preciso voltar à base. Antes da Economia, da Política, do Fanatismo da Religião, do Consumismo, da importância dada a coisas supérfluas... Antes de tudo... O que faz de nós seres racionais? Aliás, o que há para além desta inteletualidade, o que faz de nós humanos? Esta energia tão poderosa como o amor, que nós não visualizamos, mas sabemos que existe, porque o sentimos!
É por isso, somos humanos porque sentimos. E é nesse sentimento mais profundo das nossas vidas que precisamos de voltar à base. Temos ainda tanto a aprender.