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Minha vida

Nos teus olhos,
Veijo o brilho que me guia.
No teu surriso,
A luz que me ilumina a Vida.
Da tua voz,
Ouco das mais doces, carentes e amorosas palavras.
No teu toque,
Me deixo ser levado Como Uma Pena pelo vento.
Nos teus bracos,
Sinto a chama que me aquece a alma.
Dos teus labios,
Beijo o segredo do Amor, que me faz bater o coracao.
Minha vida

In my dream

I like when I`m at sleep,
because in my dream I can:
Smell your lovely hair
See the colour of your beautyful eyes
Feel your smooth skin against mine
and listen to your heart beat within the beat of mine.
But then I open my eyes and I can`t:
Smell the lovely hair of yours
nor see the colour of your beautyful eyes.
I can`t feel the smooth skin of yours
nor even listen to your heart beat with mine anymore.
I feel sad knowing it was all just a dream.
If dreaming is the only way that I can be with you,
then I only wish to go onto a long lasting never ending dream.
In my dream

Life full of ups and downs `s

They say that,
Life is full of ups and downs,
well I wonder,
How high my life goes,
Because many days, weeks, months and years climbing it
I`ve spent.
Now I`m wondering,
How deep down it goes,
right now I took a fall,
It's so deep,
it doesn`t seem to end.
Life full of ups and downs `s

Behind this happy mask

Behind this happy mask
lies tears of sadness,
fragments of a broken heart,
sorrow, anger and hate.
Behind this happy mask
lies a lonely soul,
a hopeless soul,
a boy lost in the darkness
whose words are voiceless
no one can hear him call for help.
Behind this happy mask
there's someone fighting,
there's someone trying,
someone who hasnt given up,
someone who is not ready to give up yet.
Someone who is still looking for a better life,
someone who is trying to lead a better life.
Behind this happy mask
lies the real me.
Behind this happy mask

Miss Sunshine

I call you Miss Sunshine because,
when you`re with me, you warm me up.
When smile at me, you make me sweat
and when you kiss me you make my heart melt.
Miss Sunshine

If I was God

If I was God, I would look for you from above
I would find you, I would come down to earth
and give you all my love.
If I was God

For you

I may have to swim a thousand seas,
run a thousand miles and I will still come for you.
I may have to fly a thousand skys,
fight a thousand wars,
lose every limb in battle,
I may even die, but there
will still be my heart beating for you.
For you

My World

Welcome to my world.
A place where the sun does not shine
A place that is pale, dark and cold.
A place where your sadness, is my joy
And your pain, is my pleasure.
A place where your nightmares,
Is what I have as dreams
And your agnostic screams,
Are but music to my ears.
A place where there is no hope, no faith
No god, no salvation.
Welcome to my world.
Welcome, to your hell.
My World

Alone as the moon

Oh moon
Oh beautiful moon
I wonder how you are.
How can you look so sad and lonely,
When you are surrounded by so many beautiful stars.

Oh moon
Oh beautiful moon
Now I know how you feel
Surrounded by so many people
Here I sit, sad and alone still.
Alone as the moon

In the darkness

I see noting but chaos.
I feel nothing but pain.
I got to finish this suffering,
so I wont have to feel it again.
I asked the fallen angel for help and he gave me his blade.
He told me to cut my wrist, so I did and smiled while i watched my life to fade.
In the darkness

My purpose in life

Every man and woman
was born for different purposes
to this world.
To some,their purpose is money
to others, power, fame, happiness
and more.
I never knew what my purpose was,
but when you first walked into my life,
thats when i soon knew that my purpose
in life was to love you.
Just like some people are happy with fame,
I am happy with you.
Just like some people can't live without power,
I can't live without you.
Just like some people love money,
I love you.
And I always will love you,
like the greedy love his money.
Aint noone ever going to be able
to break this love for it is stronger,
than the man will all the power.
This purpose of mine stands not alone,
it stands along with happyness
giving me the strenght to stand and fight
whatever stands in our way.
Being with you makes me happy
loving you gives me strenght to keep going and keep fighting.
I love you, you are my purpose in life.
My purpose in life

Sad Stars

Tonight the stars are sad.
They are sad,
Because they cannot be,
With their loved ones.
So the clouds gather together,
and cover them, as they cry.
Just like my hands covers my face,
As I cry when I miss you.
Sad Stars

What is

What is a morning without the sun?
What is a night without the moon?
What would be earth without O2?
Nothing and nothing is me without you.
What is

You are

You are a spark that lights my fire
The water that cool`s my heat
The breeze that shill`s me
The oxygen that i breath.
Your my everything babygirl
I love you and that’s the beginning of everything.”
You are

O homen que tu mereces

Teu surriso lindo,
Teu olhar encantador,
Me joelhei perante a ti,
Como prova do meu Amor.
Es o meu mundo,
A razao do meu viver,
Sem Ti ja mais seria,
O homen que hoje vim a ser.
Me ajudas-Te muito,
Me abriste os olhos,
Me fizes-Te crescer,
E luto constantemente,
Para que um dia venha a ser,
O homen que mereces ter.
O homen que tu mereces

When Injustice
Becomes Law.
Becomes A Duty

Desculpem-me de so por poemas em ingles
ainda nao ganhei a inspiracao de fazer poemas em portugues... lol muito tempo nesta ilha.